About us

Viilup Uuringud OÜ is a small research company that cooperates with Estonian, Baltic and European online panel owners, CATI centres, population interviewers and specialists from different countries who do the project-based work. All cooperation partners have at least 10-year research experience in data processing, analysis and reporting. With all of them has Viilup Uuringud OÜ established long-term cooperation. All the questionnaires are being translated into local languages by native speakers as well as focus group discussions are being moderated by people with the same mother tongue. Due to the low fixed costs and long-term experienced specialists we are able to offer our clients time and investment sustainable research services.  


Primary consultation about research topic and methodology choice is absolutely free of charge. For research related topic discussion or request for quotation please write to us or give us a call.  

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Liis Soome

Researches are being conducted by Liis Soome who has been working in marketing for 8 years (also as Marketing Department Manager) and since 2009 has been doing target group analysis and market research. Liis has got a Master’s degree (MA) in economics with specialisation in marketing at Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ).


Liis is experienced in many research methods:  CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviews), CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews), CAPI/PAPI (Computer Assisted and Paper Assisted Personal Interviews), Mystery Shopping, In-hall tests (product tests), Focus Group Discussions, In-Depth Interviews, Shop-Along Research, Psychophysical Studies (eyesight and emotion tests) etc.


E-mail: liis@viilup-uuringud.ee
Mobile: +372 5330 0154